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The JBMSHP celebrates its 35th anniversary

The Joaquin Bustoz Math-Science Honors Program (JBMSHP) celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2020.

2,893 students have participated in the JBMSHP since 1985, many of them are now engineers, researchers, medical practitioners, business owners, educators, military personnel or in public service, to name a few. Since the majority of the students are first-generation, underrepresented in the STEM fields, or come from low-socioeconomic families, JBMSHP students strive to go to college to pursue their dreams when they are in high school. However, they often time do not have family members or mentors in their lives that have been to college to show them how to do it.  The JBMSHP shows them that it is possible and teaches them through presentations, seminars, and mentorship. Students learn to live on their own on campus and gain life skills such as how to develop successful study habits, be independent, and work and network with others.


The JBMSHP develops a sense of family and community that students can rely on once they get to college. JBMSHP alumni also do an excellent job recruiting others to attend the JBMSHP since they had such a positive experience themselves. JBMSHP alumni in industry also reach out to JBMSHP students for potential jobs and internships or participate in career panels so they can continue to give back to the JBMSHP.  


We hope to see the JBMSHP continue to educate and inspire the next generation of the STEM workforce. The JBMSHP will continue to adapt, not only to the current COVID pandemic, but to changes in technology, online learning platforms, and educational pedagogy in order to help ASU meet their mission of access for all students.


Due to the COVID pandemic, the JBMSHP held a virtual celebration week on our social media channels, featuring alumni highlights, JBMSHP accomplishments and various giveaways. You can see of the highlights on our JBMSHP Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jbmshp.